With special funding from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and in partnership with Continual Impact, LLC, PHAB is pleased to have managed the Quality Improvement (QI) Leaders Academy. The goal of this year-long program was to build on the Community of Practice for Public Health Improvement (COPPHI) Kaizen Event Program and its Community of Practice to develop additional QI Leaders with the knowledge and skills to help build high-performing cultures of quality and to incorporate the sustainability of those efforts through the accreditation process. The QI Leaders Academy focused on one of the key roles in organizations as they try to establish a culture of quality — that of the QI Leader.

Through a competitive proposal process, PHAB reviewed and awarded participation to twelve accredited health departments.

PHAB, in partnership with Continual Impact LLC, is pleased to provide this report of the QI Leaders Academy experience in the hope that the summary of the program and the description of the health departments’ hard work will further their culture of quality improvement. Through health department testimonials, you will see the program’s impact on their work. PHAB will use this experience to inform accreditation and quality improvement in the future. Click here to read the complete report.