The tangible benefits of working on accreditation are described in a new double-sided infographic. The benefits will vary among health departments. Since accreditation is about performance and quality improvement, the actual benefits to a health department will depend on its identified needs. Accreditation provides a framework for a health department to identify performance improvement opportunities, to improve management, develop leadership, and improve relationships with the community. The process is one that will challenge the health department to think about what business it does and how it does that business.

The Accreditation Works! series provides real stories about the benefits accreditation brings to health departments and communities. PHAB’s Accreditation Works! series is updated regularly on PHAB’s home page. Check back often as more health departments add their accreditation success stories to this important body of work, thereby demonstrating their commitment to excellence in serving their communities. For information about Accreditation Works! or to learn how to submit your own story, email [email protected] or call 703-778-4549, x118.

Read more about evaluation findings on the impact of accreditation, as well as published stories and articles supporting the evidence base.