As PHAB continues its work to refresh its standards and measures for both initial and reaccreditation (Version 2.0), one of the ways that information is gathered is through commissioned papers. PHAB has two calls for commissioned papers that are available for interested party response.

PHAB is commissioning a paper on the topic of community engagement in order to better understand the state-of-the-art and direction of public health department work on the development of healthy people in healthy communities through authentic partnerships. The commissioned paper will address topics as noted in the call and make recommendations concerning what health departments should be expected to do to support and cultivate effective and authentic community engagement. This information will be used by PHAB for further discussion and consideration for future accreditation standards. Click here to download the call for this commissioned paper.

PHAB is also commissioning a paper to better understand the state of the art and direction of state and local public health department administration and management work. Once the paper has been completed, PHAB will convene a think tank of thought leaders to review the recommendations from the paper. A set of proposed requirements related to Domain 11 will be developed for consideration of inclusion in Version 2.0. Click here to download the call for this commissioned paper.