PHAB is pleased to launch a new data visualization tool. Available at, the tool will allow the public health community to explore the data that are collected through the accreditation program. PHAB has the only collection of peer-reviewed information about the capacity of health departments to deliver the 10 Essential Public Health Services, as well as their ability to administer their agencies and to foster relationships with their governing entities.

This portal will make aggregate, de-identified information available about how health departments have been assessed on individual PHAB measures, as well as groups of measures categorized by domain, standard, or theme. This information can help health departments considering accreditation, as well as those entities that provide technical assistance and support to accredited health departments, learn about potential areas of challenge. It also includes links to resources related to the measures to foster continual improvement.

To protect the confidentiality of accreditation data, users will only be able to view data on groups of health departments, which you will be able to select using filters for health department type, region, population size, and budget. Accredited health departments will be able to view their own data and benchmark their performance against a group of similar agencies.

We have received feedback from accredited health departments throughout the development of this portal. Nikki Campbell, Accreditation Coordinator at the Utah Department of Health, said “The PHAB Data Visualization tool is an extremely useful tool in my meetings with executive leadership. The way the data are presented and filtered not only help us better understand exactly where our HD is very quickly, but it’s helpful to see where we are in regard to other health departments as well. This tool is a gamechanger.”

We encourage you to explore this new site and to contact us at [email protected]