The ongoing and evolving COVID-19 pandemic and its associated responses are placing significant burdens on health departments across the country. PHAB is aware that health department staff are working long hours with limited resources to address high levels of public demand. PHAB is also aware that the current level of activity will likely continue or increase for the foreseeable future. To help alleviate the stress of accreditation-related deadlines for health departments currently in-process, PHAB is issuing a 90-day extension to ALL health departments engaged in the initial and reaccreditation processes, irrespective of what phase they are in. This extension applies to all health departments, ranging from initial accreditation registration through reaccreditation decision, ACARs, and Annual Reports.

Broadly, this means that regardless of where the health department is in the process of seeking accreditation, there will be 90 days added to the next due date.

PHAB has communicated with the Accreditation Coordinator of each health department and provided details on what the meaning of the extension will be for them. If, at the end of this 90-day extension, a health department requires additional time for completing a step of the accreditation process, further extensions can be requested following PHAB’s standard process which is outlined in PHAB’s Guide to National Public Health Department Initial Accreditation. PHAB will also be communicating directly with our volunteer site visitors about this delay in the process.

As always, a health department’s assigned Accreditation Specialist can answer questions about this policy and is available to have phone conversations, should a health department like to further discuss anything about the implementation of this policy.

For questions, please contact PHAB President and CEO Dr. Paul Kuehnert at [email protected], or refer to PHAB’s staff list.