The next phase of the nation’s response to COVID-19 depends on the capacity and effectiveness of state, local, Tribal, territorial, and federal governmental public health agencies to rapidly scale up and implement contact tracing programs. To support health departments’ contact tracing efforts, PHAB is providing COVID-19 Contact Tracing Program Checklists. The Checklists itemize key elements of a COVID-19 contact tracing program and focus on those elements that must especially be considered for a rapid expansion of the number of contact tracers conducting COVID-19 investigations and follow-up. Depending on local circumstances and resources, contact tracing initiatives are likely to take many forms. However, PHAB’s checklist will benefit health departments no matter how they are implementing COVID-19 contact tracing in their jurisdictions.

The checklists draw from multiple evidence-based resources as well as PHAB standards and measures related to investigating health problems to protect the community. The checklists are available in PDF and Word versions.

PHAB is pleased to be part of a national collaborative of public health organizations working together to coordinate information and resources related to COVID-19 contact tracing. Recognizing that health departments can learn from each other in these challenging times, PHAB is asking health departments to share what they learn about COVID-19 contact tracing so that their best practices and effective methods can be shared with others. Creative approaches, lessons learned so far, and comments about PHAB’s checklist, as well as general questions, should be directed to PHAB Chief Program Officer Robin Wilcox.

PHAB urges health departments to act now, with a sense of urgency. The public is depending on public health departments to protect their health and mitigate the spread of the COVID-19 virus.