At the end of 2021, PHNCI announced our expanded commitment to public health transformation and data modernization. Our approach to this work is through building and strengthening governmental public health infrastructure and systems to create change that improves health. It requires centering equity, modernizing data systems, and equipping our health departments with foundational capabilities and workforce needed to serve, rebuild trust, and be accountable to their communities. States across the country are at various stages of defining what this looks like in their communities and translating plans into action.

Earlier this year, as part of our efforts to support transformation, we announced plans to expand the 21st Century (21C) Learning CommunityThis month, we are pleased to welcome eight new states to join the existing eleven 21C states working on state-wide public health systems transformation. But what does this transformation actually look like?

Each 21C state’s journey is a bit different, but highlights from recently joined and existing 21C states include:

  • Collaboratives, commissions, and workgroups are serving as catalysts and conveners of transformation work across a state by providing the evidence-base and recommendations, and a structure upon which efforts are framed.
  • framework is essential to ground transformation efforts, standardize practices, and provide a shared language.
  • Strategic visioning is helpful to ensure stakeholders have a common purpose and to define statewide priorities.
  • Legislation and increased funding to support transformation efforts ensure there are resources to make change in sustainable public health infrastructure and systems possible.
  • Assessments and costing of current and full FPHS implementation are needed to understand and advocate for sustainable funding and investments in public health.
  • States are grappling with modernizing and transforming areas such as workforce, data and data systems, preparedness, communications, and centering equity in all public health efforts.
  • Accreditation is recognized as an accountable mechanism and a strategy in service of public health transformation.

We will be sharing more state-specific highlights in the near future – stay tuned and visit for more information.

Is your state interested in becoming a 21C Learning Community member? Visit our website for details on the rolling application.