In collaboration with the Defense Centers for Public Health – Aberdeen (formerly U.S. Army Public Health Command), PHAB developed an accreditation program for Army Installation Departments of Public Health.

UPDATE FEBRUARY 23, 2023: Military Installation Departments of Public Health pursuing initial accreditation or reaccreditation should refer to the Standards & Measures, v2022 for Initial Accreditation or Reaccreditation, as well as related Policy documents. PHAB, in collaboration with the Defense Centers of Public Health – Aberdeen (DCPH-A) will be sunsetting the Army Public Health Initial Accreditation Standards & Measures, v1.5. Stay tuned for additional supplemental guidance to support installation departments of public health in the interpretation of the Version 2022 Standards & Measures requirements within a military context, anticipated to be released in the Summer/Fall of 2023.


PHAB offers accreditation for Army Public Health/Preventive Medicine Departments seeking to demonstrate conformity with nationally recognized standards and continuously improve performance. Version 1.5 of PHAB Standards & Measures were tailored for use by these departments.

The Standards & Measures document serves as the official standards, measures, required documentation, and guidance blueprint for Army Public Health accreditation. The Guide presents the process for seeking and maintaining accreditation status.


The Defense Centers for Public Health-Aberdeen provides a resource toolkit and consultation to individual Military Installation Departments of Public Health. This consultation can include how to develop and complete the pre-requisites, how to conduct an early self-assessment to prepare for accreditation, or how to develop a QI plan. Defense public health accreditation applicants needing guidance or consultation should contact the DCPH-A.