Accreditation Works! Story Submission

Thank you for submitting an Accreditation Works! story. PHAB will be in touch within two weeks with next steps. Please note that PHAB may make editorial revisions for style and length, or may ask you to provide additional details. Please type your responses directly into this template. The boxes will expand as you type your narrative.
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Your story: Please write a 300-to-550-word story (do not exceed 550 words) describing how your health department has changed as a result of going through the accreditation process. Please focus your story around the theme you chose in the above section. Though you are asked to focus your story on only one theme, you will have an opportunity in the next section to list other benefits gained by going through the accreditation process.

Some tips to help you get started on your story: (Note: The box will expand as you type.)
With your chosen theme in mind, ask yourself:
1.) How, specifically, did accreditation contribute to this change. For example, was it through self-assessment against the measures? Using the Standards and Measures to guide policy/program development? Feedback in the Site Visit Report? Guidance from the Accreditation Committee?
2.) What are the specific accomplishments of which you are most proud? Consider providing examples/numbers (i.e., “One of our QI projects allowed us to reduce the time to process contracts by one month.”)
Please use this space to list (using bullets) other major benefits (one bullet per benefit) that your health department has realized as a result of going through the accreditation process.
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