Army Public Health Accreditation Program is now Officially Open

Click here to download Army Public Health Initial Accreditation Standards and Measures, Version 1.5


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For several years now, PHAB has been working with the U.S. Army Public Health Center (APHC) and Army public health professionals from across the country to customize the PHAB Standards and Measures, Version 1.5, to the Army Installation Department of Public Health (formerly known as Army Public Health/Preventive Medicine Department) setting. The military interest in PHAB accreditation began in 2012 as an exploratory performance improvement/accreditation initiative of the (former) U.S Army Public Health Command based at Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD. In 2018, the Deputy Chief of Staff for Public Health, U.S. Army Medical Command, with the support of the APHC, launched the initiative across 28 Installation Departments of Public Health.

The Army has public health staff deployed across 14 time zones, at facilities and installations that vary in size, scope, and capabilities. While one Installation Department of Public Health at a rural post may serve a small population, another at a large post may serve tens of thousands of service members, their families, Department of Defense civilians, and military retirees. Just like public health departments in the civilian setting, the needs of Army Installation Departments of Public Health may vary from place to place. PHAB has a well-tested framework for accreditation across the multitude of civilian environments that can now be applied, in a customized manner, to these organizations.

The Army Public Health Initial Accreditation Standards and Measures Version 1.5 were approved by the PHAB Board of Directors in February 2019. You may also download the complementary Acronyms and Glossary of Terms.

Inquiries about this accreditation process or requests for a copy of the Standards and Measures should be sent to PHAB Director of Accreditation, Marita Chilton at [email protected].

The Army Deputy Chief of Staff-Public Health with support from the APHC provides an online resource toolkit and consultation to individual Army Installation Departments of Public Health. This consultation can include how to develop and complete the pre-requisites, how to conduct an early self-assessment to prepare for accreditation, or how to develop a QI plan. Army public health accreditation applicants needing guidance or consultation on such questions should contact the APHC.