Shayle Thompson, MPH, is a Public Health Associate at the Public Health Accreditation Board and participant in the CDC Public Health Associate Program. Prior to joining PHAB in 2020, Shayle was a Case Investigator for COVID-19 with Virginia Department of Health. She also served as a member of Virginia Department of Health’s Medical Reserve Corp, while also completing her graduate internship experience where she worked as a Population Health Manager implementing, leading, and managing a local food insecurity program. Her graduate internship experience provided her direct experience working with health districts and local health departments in supporting community and local strategic initiatives. During her graduate internship experience at Virginia Department of Health, Shayle worked closely with the Epidemiologist investigating infectious disease cases and performing disease surveillance activities, with the Environmental Health & Safety Team performing health and safety inspections to monitor and ensure regulatory compliance, as well as with Health Services supporting immunization clinics, maternity clinics, and family planning clinics. Earlier, Shayle interned with Johnson & Johnson, Kimberly Clark Corporation, and the American Red Cross. Additionally, Shayle has notable management experience gained during her work as a Program Manager for a health and wellness corporation and with several national retailers. Shayle received a Master of Public Health from Benedictine University, and a Bachelor’s degree in Health Promotion and Behavior Education from the University of Georgia. Contact her at [email protected].