This page features publications and reports relevant to PHAB and national public health accreditation.

PHAB has compiled a new report on the impact of accreditation.

Special Supplement to the May/June 2018 edition of the Journal of Public Health Management & Practice highlights the impact of the Public Health Accreditation Board’s national accreditation program on public health. Thanks in part to funding provided by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, the online edition of the special supplement is being offered with free access for two years on the Journal’s website.

Special Issue of the Journal of Public Health Management & PracticeTransforming public health practice through accreditation. January/February 2014, Volume 20, Issue 1

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This list contains articles about the impact of accreditation, the Standards and Measures, and the history of the accreditation program, among other topics.

If there are other accreditation-related studies that are either in progress or published, please let us know by contacting Jessica Kronstadt ([email protected]).

Below is a selection of recent articles about accreditation.

  • Allen P, Mazzucca S, Parks RG, Robinson M, Tabak RG, Brownson R. Local health department accreditation is associated with organizational supports for evidence-based decision making. Front Public Health. 2019;7(374).
  • Bommersbach T, Borger K, Steverman S, Manderscheid RW, Sarfstein J, Everett A. Behavioral health, local health department accreditation, and Public Health 3.0: leveraging opportunities for collaboration. Am J Public Health. 2018;108(10):1334-1340.
    – See response: Kronstadt J, Bender K. Public Health Accreditation Board think tank on behavioral health standards. Am J Public Health.
  • Feng W, Martin EG. Fighting obesity at the local level? an analysis of predictors of local health departments’ policy involvement. Prev Med. 2020;133.
  • Gerding J, Bender K, Corso LM. Public health department accreditation and environmental public health: a decade of collaboration. J Environ Health. 2020;82(6):30-32.
  • Gregg A, Bekmuratova S, Palm D, et al. Rurality, quality improvement maturity, and accreditation readiness: a comparison study of Colorado, Kansas, and Nebraska local health departments. J Public Health Manag Pract. 2018;24(6):E15-E22.
  • Kennedy M, Heffernan M, Gonick SA, Siegfried AL. Exploring the linkage between accreditation outcomes and public health emergency preparedness and responseJ Public Health Manag Pract.2021;00(00), 1-5
  • Leider JP, Kronstadt J, Yeager VA, Hall K, Saari CK, Alford A, Freeman LT, Kuehnert P. Application for public health accreditation among us local health departments in 2013 to 2019: impact of service and activity mix [published online ahead of print December 22, 2020]. Am J Public Health. e1-e8.
  • Melton JJ, Shirey LA, Barraza EM, Bullock SH. Public health accreditation of army preventive medicine departments: improving military medical treatment facility practice to impact force readinessMil Med. 2018.
  • Singh SR, Bekemeier B, Leider JP. Local health departments’ spending on the foundational capabilities.  J Public Health Manag Pract. 2020;26(1):52-56.
  • Sreedhara M, Goins KV, Frisard C, Rosal MC, Lemon SC. Stepping up active transportation in community health improvement plans: findings from a national probability survey of local health departments. J Phys Act Health. 2019;16(9):772-779.

Special Issue of the Journal of Public Health Management & Practice: Impact of Public Health Accreditation. May/June 2018, Volume 24 – Supplement 3.

Special Issue of the Journal of Public Health Management & Practice: Public Health Workforce Interests and Needs Survey 2017. March/April 2019, Volume 5 – Supplement 2.

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