PHAB is committed to research and evaluation to drive our own quality improvement and build the evidence around public health systems.

Logic Model & Research Agenda

To help guide research and evaluation efforts related to accreditation, PHAB has developed a logic model and research agenda.

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Accreditation Research

PHAB has assembled a list of publications and reports relevant to accreditation.

In addition, see information related to the Standards & Measures compiled as part of PHAB’s efforts to draft Version 2.0 of the Standards & Measures, including what we have learned from accredited health departments and from literature scans.


In addition to conducting internal evaluation activities, PHAB had a contract with an external evaluator to gain an understanding of the accreditation program’s strengths, opportunities for improvement, and impacts.  Data collection for that evaluation is ongoing. PHAB uses evaluation findings to continuously improve the accreditation program.

For evaluation findings from applicant and accredited health departments, download a presentation that highlights key findings. NORC at the University of Chicago, which has conducted this evaluation, has also released a series of briefs

Accreditation Data

To honor its commitment to building the evidence base for accreditation, PHAB has developed a data portal to allow users to view aggregate date about health department capacity. PHAB will release data about individual health departments to be used for research purposes only. PHAB remains committed to respecting the confidentiality of health departments that apply for accreditation. Read more.