NOTICE: Initial accreditation site visits scheduled for September 15, 2022 or later will be held in a hybrid format with at least some members of the site visit team travelling to the health department. Reaccreditation site visits will remain virtual. When site visit planning begins for your health department, you will hear more from your Accreditation Specialist regarding specific logistics.


A PHAB-accredited public health department is accredited for five years; when initial accreditation expires, the health department must apply for and achieve reaccreditation in order to maintain accreditation status. The requirements and process for reaccreditation are designed to ensure that accredited health departments continue to evolve, improve, and advance, thereby becoming increasingly effective at improving the health of the population they serve.

Version 2022

Standards & Measures for Reaccreditation Version 2022
Policy for Reaccreditation Version 2022

Version 2016

guide to Reaccreditation: Process and Requirements (2016)
Supplemental Guidance for Version 2016

The Policy for Reaccreditation presents the process for seeking and obtaining continued accreditation status. Together, the Standards & Measures and Policy direct health department applicants and guide PHAB’s Board of Directors and staff as they administer the accreditation program.

Additional reaccreditation resources can be found on the PHAB Resources webpage.