Standards and Measures for Initial Accreditation are Available for Purchase Through PHAB’s Online Store

Standards and Measures Version 1.5

The PHAB Standards and Measures, Version 1.5 define expectations for all public health departments that seek initial accreditation. Credibility in accreditation results from consistent application and interpretation of defined standards and measures.

The Public Health Accreditation Board (PHAB) Standards and Measures document serves as the official standards, measures, required documentation, and guidance blueprint for PHAB national public health department accreditation. These written guidelines are considered authoritative and are in effect for the application period indicated on the cover page. The Standards and Measures are applicable to Tribal, state, territorial, and local health departments. PHAB strongly recommends that the health department pay close attention to this document when selecting their most appropriate documentation to meet a measure.

The Standards and Measures document provides guidance specifically for public health departments preparing for accreditation and for site visit teams that review and assess documentation submitted by applicant health departments. It also serves anyone offering consultation or technical assistance to health departments preparing for accreditation. It guides PHAB’s Board of Directors and staff as they administer the accreditation program. This document assists health departments and their Accreditation Coordinators as they select documentation for each measure. It directs site visit team members in the review of documentation and in determining whether conformity with a measure is demonstrated.

In addition to being offered as a free download from PHAB’s website, printed copies of PHAB Standards and Measures, Version 1.5, can be purchased through PHAB’s online store.  In addition, printed copies of Acronyms and Glossary of Terms, Version 1.5, as well as PHAB Standards: An Overview of Version 1.5, and many other products, are also available for purchase in the online store.