What is Public Health Department Accreditation?

  • The measurement of health department performance against a set of nationally recognized, practice-focused and evidenced-based standards.

  • The issuance of recognition of achievement of accreditation within a specified time frame by a nationally recognized entity.

  • The continual development, revision, and distribution of public health standards.

The mission of the voluntary national accreditation program is to improve and protect the health of the public by advancing and transforming the quality and performance of governmental public health agencies in the U.S. and abroad. PHAB has added Vital Records/Health Statistics accreditation to its services, as well as Army Preventive Medicine Departments.

PHAB’s initial accreditation assesses a health department’s capacity to carry out the ten Essential Public Health Services; manage an effective health department; and, maintain strong and effective communications with the governing entity. Reaccreditation is necessary for a health department to continue to be designated as accredited. Reaccreditation focuses on assessment of an accredited health departments continued improvement and advancement thereby becoming increasingly effective at improving the health of the population they serve. PHAB is a 501(c)(3) organization.

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