The Value and Impact of Public Health Department Accreditation

Accreditation promotes public trust and demonstrates a commitment to quality and performance improvement to better serve the community. Since launching its national accreditation program in 2011, PHAB has gathered extensive quantitative and qualitative data that provide insight into the value and impact of public health department accreditation. Presenting a summary of the data gathered to date, PHAB recently released an updated version of The Value and Impact of Public Health Department Accreditation: A Review of Quantitative and Qualitative Data. Updated in June 2021, the report contains data and stories highlighting the meaningful impact of accreditation on health departments and the communities they serve, highlighting why these findings matter to health departments and their communities

Why Become Accredited?

Accreditation means excellence. The Value and Impact of Public Health Department Accreditation showcases the many benefits of the accreditation process and achievement. Accreditation:

  • Promotes a culture of quality and performance improvement
  • Increases capacity to respond to public health emergencies and threats
  • Encourages the use of health equity as a lens to identify health priorities
  • Strengthens health departments to work with their partners to better serve their communities

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Accreditation Works!

The Accreditation Works! series provides real stories about the benefits accreditation brings to health departments and communities. For information about Accreditation Works! or to learn how to submit your own story, email [email protected].

Read more about evaluation findings on the impact of accreditation, as well as published stories and articles supporting the evidence base.

Check out stories about how accreditation supports health departments in the following areas:

Accreditation Strengthens Quality Improvement
Accreditation Strengthens Partnerships
Accreditation Strengthens Accountability
Accreditation Strengthens Resources
Accreditation Strengthens the Workforce
Accreditation Helps Identify Strengths/Weaknesses

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Accreditation Works!