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    A state health department is the governing entity with statewide primary statutory authority to promote and protect the public's health and prevent disease in humans. >>

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    For accreditation purposes, a Tribal health department is a federally recognized Tribal government, Tribal organization, or inter-Tribal consortium, as defined in the Indian Self-Determination and Education Assistance Act. >>

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    A local health department is the governmental body serving a jurisdiction or group of jurisdictions geographically smaller than a state, and recognized as having primary statutory authority to promote and protect the public's health and prevent disease in humans. >>


The Public Health Accreditation Board is a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving and protecting the health of the public by advancing and ultimately transforming the quality and performance of state, local, tribal, and territorial public health departments.


Hennepin County Public Health Department in Minnesota shares the benefits of PHAB accreditation through a new video!

PHAB is the grateful recipient of the first “Accreditation Works!” video! Submitted by Hennepin County Public Health Department in Minnesota, the 3 and 1/2-minute video was developed and produced by a team that included Public Health Director Susan Palchick along with Susan Moore, Lori Imsdahl, Tomoko Townsley, Thia Bryan and the health department’s QI Council.
“We are better because of accreditation and want to encourage other departments who are considering accreditation,” said Susan M. Moore, MPA, Accreditation Coordinator at Hennepin County Public Health Department. “With this video we hope to demonstrate our commitment to accreditation and the cornerstones of quality improvement, community engagement, and using data to advance health equity. We thought that video was a more dynamic medium to convey this message.”

Diane Panzer

Benefits of Performance Management System Run Deep in La Crosse, WI

By Diane Panzer

The La Crosse County Health Department in La Crosse, WI, has grown as a result of completing the work to become PHAB accredited. One area in which LCHD made great strides during this process was the Performance Management System. A performance management system can be described as the active and strategic use of performance standards and measures to ensure the agency achieves goals as identified by the agency strategic plan.
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Katrina Howard, MPH, CHC

Accreditation Infuses a Culture of QI Throughout Lexington, KY, Health Department

By Katrina Howard

At the Lexington-Fayette County Health Department in Lexington, KY, we credit PHAB’s national accreditation program for bringing new energy and focus to our many activities. The processes used to achieve accreditation led our health department to become more keenly focused on our mission “To Help Lexington Be Well.” The impact of attaining accreditation status has led to two major changes in the way our health department operates.
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Nicole Ingold, BA

Performance Management Now ‘Embedded’ in PCCHD’s Culture

By Nicole Ingold

Peoria City/County Health Department became accredited in May 2015, but the real work started years earlier. Our accreditation journey was long, but the endeavor has been worth the effort for our health department and the community. We started our journey with the hope of finding best practices and learning new and innovative ways to conduct public health activities and provide services. One best practice area was to create a performance
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Joey W. Razzano, MBA

Accreditation Drives Transparency and Accountability in Portland, OR

By Joey W. Razzano

The Oregon Health Authority Public Health Division (OHA) was accredited by PHAB in March 2016. Domain 9 of the Public Health Accreditation Board’s Standards and Measures requires OHA to both “Evaluate and continuously improve health department processes, programs, and interventions” and “Use a performance management system to monitor achievement of organizational objectives.”
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