COVID-19 and Public Health Departments 

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Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, PHAB’s Alexandria, Va., offices will be closed until June 10.  All PHAB staff are working remotely at this time and are fully available via phone and email to serve your needs.

Strengthening Health Departments to Better Serve their Communities

people holding handsImproving the health of a community can’t be done by any one entity. PHAB’s national accreditation program fosters health departments’ commitment to quality improvement, performance management, accountability, transparency, and the capacity to deliver the Ten Essential Public Health Services.  Committed to achieving the highest standards of public health practice, nationally accredited health departments demonstrate a consistent and continued commitment to strengthening their community partnerships, which in turn enables them to better serve their communities.

Quality Improvement
The percentage of health departments who said accreditation stimulates quality and performance improvement opportunities.
The percentage of health departments who said that since becoming accredited, their health department’s relationships with local community stakeholders have improved.
The percentage of health departments who said accreditation improves accountability to external stakeholders.
The percentage of health departments who said accreditation allows the health department to better identify strengths and weaknesses.

Accreditation Works!

Welcome to PHAB’s Accreditation Works! series. Here, 65  health departments share first-hand testimonials about the benefits national accreditation brings to their health department and community. PHAB’s Accreditation Works! series is updated regularly and archived by category here.

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