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Our Mission: Advance and transform public health practice by championing performance improvement, strong infrastructure, and innovation.

Version 2022 Standards & Measures

Version 2022 is here and reflects the changing landscape of public health practice by emphasizing health equity, streamlining processes and documentation, and reflecting updated preparedness requirements based on the pandemic.

Pathways Recognition Program

PHAB Pathways Recognition is a step toward accreditation and performance improvement. It is ideal for health departments not yet ready to pursue full accreditation and designed to strengthen infrastructure and facilitate public health transformation.

Foundational Capabilities

Foundational Capabilities are the cross-cutting capacities needed to support basic public health protections, programs, and activities. Foundational Capabilities are designated in Version 2022 of the Standards & Measures make up the measures for Pathways Recognition.

Public Health Workforce

Our public health workforce needs support. The PHAB Center for Innovation and de Beaumont Foundation estimated that an additional 80,000 FTEs are needed to provide Foundational Capabilities. A public health workforce calculator was developed to support health departments.

About Us

The Public Health Accreditation Board (PHAB) accredits public health departments to strengthen public health infrastructure and transform governmental public health.

Through public health accreditation and promotion of innovation, we support health departments in their work to promote and protect the health of the communities they serve. We believe both accreditation and innovation are critical to public health transformation; together they can ensure that health departments are continually improving in line with national public health standards while building health and equity.

Accreditation Reach & Impact

Accreditation positively impacts health departments in many ways,
which helps departments serve their communities effectively and equitably.

373 Health Departments

1 integrated local public health department system


Benefits of accreditation reach 90% of the U.S population.

of accredited health departments say accreditation stimulated quality & performance improvement opportunities
of accredited health departments say accreditation strengthened relationships with key partners in other sectors
of accredited health departments say accreditation improved the use of resources

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