The PHAB Center for Innovation, in collaboration with the University of Minnesota Center for Public Health Systems, developed the Foundational Public Health Services (FPHS) Capacity and Cost Assessment to help health departments and health department systems assess their current spending and capacity towards the FPHS, determine the needed investments to fully implement the FPHS, and identify the resources needed to transform governmental public health systems.

The Assessment provides an understanding of costs, expertise, and capacity toward the national FPHS framework. Information from the Assessment can be used to:

  • determine how best to allocate resources to meet the needs of jurisdictions and communities;
  • consider options to shift resources within an organization;
  • identify opportunities to share resources and/or services across agencies; and
  • advocate for funding.

To access the Assessment, please complete the brief access form linked below. You will then be redirected to download the Excel tool.

Upon submitting the form, you will automatically receive access to the FPHS Capacity and Cost Assessment (Excel tool), Instructional Guide, FPHS Operational Definitions, Assessment Decision Guide, and Frequently Asked Questions.


Webinar: Exploring the New FPHS Capacity & Cost Assessment

On March 16, 2023, the FPHS Capacity and Cost Assessment was launched during a live webinar. The webinar provided:

  • background on the purpose and development of the Assessment;
  • a demo of the Excel-based tool and how it can be used by individual agencies and as a statewide system to promote public health transformation; and
  • an overview of PHAB tools and how they can be used together to transform public health and ensure implementation of the FPHS in communities.