PHAB prides itself on being the go-to for education and technical assistance related to the accreditation and Pathways Recognition process. We are committed to providing health departments with the support they need to understand PHAB and the value of accreditation, Pathways Recognition and innovation in advancing community health.

PHAB offers a variety of education, training, and capacity-building support. We can also work with health departments and other audiences to develop customized educational products and services. To learn more contact [email protected].

Health Departments

  • Technical assistance related to various aspects of the accreditation or reaccreditation processes.
  • Orientations to the accreditation, reaccreditation, and Pathways recognition programs.
  • Ongoing resources and support related to PHAB products and services, including, but not limited to, accreditation, reaccreditation, recognition, etc.
  • Ongoing training and resources for health department staff to support the annual reporting process and continuous improvement.


  • Resources related to the benefits of accreditation and recognition and the impact on the community.
  • Understanding of the accreditation process and the accountability it provides for health departments.
  • Supporting the communities’ understanding of and familiarity with PHAB

Educational Institutions

  • Resources related to the benefits of accreditation and recognition.
  • Understanding of the accreditation process and the accountability it provides the community.
  • Helping future and current public health practitioners connect with accreditation and how it can impact public health practice.
  • Working with individual educational organizations and institutions to curate resources about PHAB and public health accreditation, Pathways Recognition, and innovation.

PHAB Learning Center

PHAB supports those preparing for accreditation or Pathways Recognition by providing resources and training related to these processes and the rigor of these programs. Resources and courses are available in the PHAB Learning Center, the online portal for PHAB education products and trainings.

High-level resources related to accreditation and recognition are also available on the PHAB Resources webpage.