PHAB is dedicated to being part of the change in public health that creates a more equitable and strengths based public health system. Our goal at PHAB is to ensure health departments are supported through the accreditation and recognition processes, have access to the latest innovations in public health, and can use these learnings to build strong infrastructure and improve health in their communities.

PHAB is uniquely positioned to support health departments that are interested in pursuing accreditation or Pathways Recognition. PHAB can partner with health departments to support their efforts related to capacity building through technical assistance, education, and training.

What is capacity building?

Capacity-building includes actions that build, strengthen, and maintain the necessary competencies and resources needed to sustain or improve health services delivery to vulnerable and underserved populations.

How does PHAB support capacity building?

We take a tailored approach to capacity building to understand your unique needs. This is a very deliberate process and focuses on the development of the strengths of your organization.

Connect with us at [email protected]. to discuss your capacity-building needs.

PHAB Readiness Assessment

The PHAB Readiness Assessment is a required tool for health departments to apply for initial accreditation or Pathways Recognition. The tool is used by health departments to help them determine readiness for either program and assess capacity in key areas of public health practice, like performance and quality improvement, workforce, equity, and more. The tool highlights capacities that align with the Foundational Capabilities.

Health departments self-report on a series of questions about their ability to provide evidence that corresponds to Version 2022 of the PHAB Standards & Measures.

Individual health departments will complete the Readiness Assessment as part of the Initial Accreditation or Pathways Recognition process and will receive a report with specific feedback from PHAB about next steps in preparing for either program.

In addition, state health departments and support organizations can partner with us to deploy the Readiness Assessment to local or Tribal health departments across the state or region. PHAB can provide a custom report of strengths and areas of opportunities across the public health system to support broader transformation efforts. The report will:

  • Highlight gaps within the Foundational Capabilities
  • Identify themes across measures for the state or region
  • Identify a cohort of health departments at similar states of readiness for peer learning and sharing

Let’s connect. Email [email protected] to discuss a partnership with PHAB to deploy the Readiness Assessment to health departments that are part of your system.