To maintain accreditation status, the health department will be evaluated against a set of national standards 5-years after accreditation status has been awarded. Reaccreditation ensures that accredited health departments continue to evolve, improve, and advance their public health practice to serve their community.

The Standards & Measures document serves as the official standards, measures, required documentation, and guidance blueprint for PHAB national public health department reaccreditation. The Policy presents the process for maintaining accreditation status.

Understanding the potential impact of the accreditation program may help the health department engage all staff in this transformative effort. Learn about the impact of accreditation.

Printed copies of PHAB Standards & Measures and other materials can be purchased through PHAB’s online store.

Preparing for Reaccreditation

  • Ensure contact information for your Health Department Director, Accreditation Coordinator, and department-wide team are current in e-PHAB.
  • Review The Standards & Measures and Policy for Reaccreditation Version 2022.
  • Webinar & slides: Version 2022 Reaccreditation Webinar
  • Access the Learning Center and the Resources webpage for a variety of resources including: Annual Report forms and resources, Documentation Forms, training materials, and more tools for Version 2016 and Version 2022

For additional questions email your assigned Accreditation Specialist or email [email protected]


PHAB instituted a fee structure to manage and maintain the national accreditation process. Applicant fees are necessary for PHAB to provide quality services to both applicants for accreditation and accredited health departments. Public health department accreditation is not a “one-time” event; it is an ongoing commitment to continuous quality improvement.