The Public Health Accreditation Board’s (PHAB) national public health department accreditation standards are based on the 10 Essential Public Health Services framework. PHAB Standards and Measures are focused on development and implementation of policies, systems, programs and services for disease prevention, health protection, and health promotion for the entire population and/or specific groups of the population in the health department’s jurisdiction.

PHAB’s Scope of Authority applies to Accreditation, Reaccreditation, Pathways, and VRHS Accreditation.

Tools and Resources

  • FAQ: A list of frequently asked questions regarding PHAB’s revised Scope of Authority policy.
  • Tip Sheet: Utilizing COVID-19 Documentation. This is a resource to help health departments identify examples of COVID-19 documentation that may be aligned with PHAB requirements.
  • Scope of Authority Addendum: Program and Activity Examples. This resource reviews the Scope of Authority policy that provides guidance on appropriate examples to be used in accreditation documentation.
  • Webinar Recording: PHAB held a two-part webinar with PHAB experts to first discuss the Scope of Authority policy and guidance on the scope of examples and documentation for PHAB accreditation.