National FPHS Framework

The nationally developed Foundational Public Health Services (FPHS) framework defines the minimum package of public health capabilities and programs that no jurisdiction can be without — this includes the skills, programs, and activities that must be available in state and local health departments everywhere for the health system to work anywhere.

Widespread adoption of the framework has the potential to advance a more unified public health system across the country, both in terms of how governmental public health is described and how it is understood. The framework also provides a much-needed structure to estimate costs in a way that resonates with decision-makers. Furthermore, it provides states with the ability to compare the costs of public health with other states that also have adopted it.

State-specific Frameworks

Some 21C states have adopted the national FPHS framework, and others have tailored the framework to better align with their state. Reasons for tailoring the FPHS framework range from reflecting state-mandated programs to including language proven to resonate with key audiences to gaining buy-in of those engaged in the transformation process.

Explore state-specific frameworks below: