PHAB is committed to building our understanding of public health practice through continuous research and evaluation. The PHAB accreditation process generates the only set of peer-reviewed data about public health capacities. We encourage health departments, partners, researchers, and members of the public to explore these data to learn more about how health departments operate.

Explore the Data Portal

PHAB Data Portal

Visit the PHAB Data Portal to learn more about:

  • The types of health departments that have applied for and achieved accreditation
  • How health departments’ performance was assessed against the Standards & Measures
  • What population health outcomes topics health departments track in their communities
  • How all of the above differ based on health department characteristics

To protect the confidentiality of applicant health departments, all data on the public-facing portal are aggregated (shown in groups). However, accredited health departments can log in to view their own data, generate customized reports, and benchmark their accreditation assessments against other health departments.

If you have questions or suggestions about the portal, email [email protected].


Gain Insights

Publications and Reports

PHAB maintains a list of publications and reports relevant to public health accreditation, which includes reports based on data generated through the accreditation process.

Version 2022

We are also using data to inform the development of Version 2022 of the PHAB Standards & Measures.

Value and Impact

The Value and Impact of Public Health Department Accreditation report contains data and stories highlighting the impact of accreditation on health departments and the communities they serve.

Request Data

PHAB will release data generated through the accreditation process to be used for research purposes only. If you are interested: