National Public Health Department Accreditation Materials

PHAB offers an array of materials that supplement the Guide to National Public Health Department Initial Accreditation and the Standards and Measures, Version 1.5 to assist health departments throughout the accreditation process. Also included is clarifying and supplemental information to help Tribal entities achieve accreditation through PHAB (see below).

Resources and materials as it relates to COVID-19 are available on the COVID-19 and Public Health Departments: Helpful Resources webpage.

*     Supplemental Process and Documentation Guidance for Tribal Public Health Department Accreditation: In partnership with the National Indian Health Board (NIHB), PHAB has released a new supplemental guide for Tribal health departments to use as they prepare for accreditation. This document is the product of more than a year of work by the NIHB Tribal Public Health Accreditation Advisory Board (TPHAAB), as they reviewed each Standard and Measure for its sensitivity to Tribal public health. The draft document was reviewed by the PHAB Board of Directors and also posted online for public comment. PHAB believes that, if Tribal health departments will use this supplement as a companion document to Version 1.5 of the Standards and Measures, they will find very useful Tribal-centric examples and suggestions for ensuring conformity with the Standards and Measures. PHAB will add to this document as more Tribal-specific examples are obtained. PHAB appreciates the hard work that the TPHAAB put into making this document a reality, and we hope that it will help Tribal health departments be successful in achieving accreditation.

*   This slide set is provided as a support tool for Tribes to use with the Supplemental Process and Guidance Document. The slide set is the same slide set that was used for the NIHB Webinar on March 6, 2018. That webinar was recorded and is available on the NIHB website.

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Information about how to obtain PHAB Standards and Measures, Version 1.5 is available here. In addition, printed versions of some of PHAB’s materials can be purchased through PHAB’s online store. When ordering printed copies of materials, please note that PHAB must charge a fee to cover the cost of printing, shipping, and handling. Questions should be addressed to Catrina Kerrison at 703-778-4549, x 100, or via email at [email protected].