Operationalizing Collaborative Ideals through Resource Sharing

Author: Ryan Kiely, Director of Outpatient Services, Excelsior Wellness

A human service organization’s ability to pivot quickly has determined its survivability during the COVID-19 crisis and has formed a model for operationalizing collaborative ideals and tenets. Early in the pandemic, Better Health Together realized they could link arms with collaborative partners or try to accomplish the mountain of work in isolation – they chose the former.

Healthcare and human service organizations often lack the administrative bandwidth and department specialization required for swift mobilization of resources. Together, working in a cross-agency and cross-sector capacity, collaboratives can be the lifeline during these unpredictable times. Put into practice, Excelsior Wellness, along with Better Health Together collaborative members, shared:

  • Policies and procedures related to telework.
  • Telehealth consent documentation.
  • Step-by-step manuals to deploy telemedicine technology.
  • Cross-agency workgroups for Cares Act funding.
  • Federal Communications Commission application support.
  • Group purchasing power to procure PPE, technology, and infrastructure.
  • Collective legislative advocacy for specific inclusion of non-profits with less than 500 employees during Cares Act congressional deliberations.