PHAB Resources

PHAB has a number of resources to guide you through the accreditation process. Resources on this page are referenced in Policy for Initial Accreditation and Policy for Reaccreditation. Many resources specific to accredited health departments are also found on the PHAB Learning Center, a learning hub for accreditation resources, education and technical assistance.

Health departments should refer to the Policy for additional details and guidance.

Version 2022 Documents

Standards & Measures for Initial Accreditation
Standards & Measures for reaccreditation
Initial Accreditation Policy
Reaccreditation Policy
Policy and Procedure

PHAB Learning Center

Resources for accredited health departments, as well as education for the public, can be found on the PHAB Learning Center. Log into the Learning Center or create an account to explore.

Learning Center

Resources in the Learning Center include: documentation guidance, communications support, and site visit preparation.

Accreditation Materials and Guidance

For Version 1.5: Accreditation Materials, including Documentation Forms, Coversheets, Documentation Selection Spreadsheet, and other materials can be found on the Accreditation Materials webpage.