Fee Overview

As is typical in the accreditation industry, PHAB instituted a fee structure to manage and maintain the national accreditation process. Moderate applicant fees are necessary in order for PHAB to provide quality services to both applicants for accreditation and accredited health departments in the future. Public health department accreditation is not a “one-time” event; it is an ongoing quality improvement commitment.

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Initial Accreditation Fee Schedule – July 1, 2016-June 30, 2022

What the Fees Support

The accreditation fee your health department pays supports the assessment of your health department against nationally adopted standards and measures and provides your health department with a full suite of ongoing accreditation services, including:
  • An assigned Accreditation Specialist to guide your department through the accreditation and reaccreditation process;

  • Training of your health department’s Accreditation Coordinator that includes airfare, hotel, per diem, training material, and expert trainers;

  • Subscription to PHAB’s online accreditation information system (e-PHAB), making the process paperless which is easier and more cost-efficient for your health department to participate in accreditation;

  • A PHAB staff Completeness Review of submitted documentation prior to its review by the site visit team and feedback to the health department so that the documents that the site visitors review are complete;

  • A site visit, including approximately 250 hours of comprehensive review of your health department’s documentation against the national accreditation standards by a team of peer review experts;

  • A site visit report with identified opportunities for improvements to help your health department better manage its activities to serve its population;

  • PHAB staff review of the health department’s site visit report to insure the report captures “who” the health department is, “what” they do, and “how” they do it, all against the conformity of the standards and measures;

  • A thoughtful and deliberative review of the site visit report by PHAB’s Accreditation Committee;

  • If needed, a full Action Plan review process including review of the draft Plan by PHAB staff and the provision of technical assistance, additional peer review, and committee review of both the Action Plan and subsequent report of the Plan’s implementation;

  • A communications support package to use to engage and educate stakeholders on your health department’s journey to accreditation and ongoing culture of quality improvement;

  • Annual quality improvement guidance and support through each accreditation cycle to help continue the QI culture advanced by accreditation;

  • Support in preparation for reaccreditation; and

  • Exclusive contribution to a growing network of accredited health departments and best practices to enhance the evidence base for public health.

Current Fee Structure (effective July 1, 2016)

Fees are based on the size of the jurisdictional population served by the health department. PHAB’s Five Tier Accreditation Fee Schedule will be published annually.

The Initial Accreditation Review Fee is based on services provided by staff, peer reviewer’s travel and training, the subscription to e-PHAB, and the accreditation coordinator’s in-person training.

The Annual Accreditation Services Fee supports the ongoing process of the health department as it goes through the accreditation lifecycle and is invoiced each year, beginning one year after the Initial Accreditation Review Fee invoice. Invoices will be provided by PHAB to the applicant health department based on the category population they serve. The Annual Accreditation Services Fee also covers the reaccreditation process so the health department does not need to concern itself with additional budget dollars at the time it is eligible for reaccreditation.

Both the Initial Accreditation Review Fee and the Annual Accreditation Services Fee published in January each year is good for the period July 1st of that year through June 30th the following year. Fees are subject to review for potential annual expense adjustments to take effect on July 1st of each year. Any changes to the fee amount will be announced in January of that same year.

Payment of Fees

PHAB will work with health departments individually if a payment plan needs to be established for the Initial Accreditation Review Fee. In order to ensure that cost does not become a barrier to qualified health departments seeking and earning accreditation, PHAB will be as flexible as possible in working out ways for health departments to pay their Initial Accreditation Review Fee. Some examples would be to pay in two to three year increments or for health departments to use end of the year grant funds (with approval of grant project officer) to help pay varying amounts of the fees. PHAB is committed to providing reasonable customized payment options for health departments that need assistance.

Vital Records/Health Statistics Fee Structure

PHAB has instituted a fee structure to manage and maintain the Vital Records/Health Statistics (VRHS) accreditation process. Applicant fees are necessary for PHAB to provide quality services to both applicants for accreditation and accredited VRHS units. The accreditation fee supports the assessment of your Vital Records/Health Statistics unit against nationally adopted standards and measures and provides your VRHS unit with a full suite of ongoing accreditation services.

Reaccreditation Fees

Note: This schedule only applies to health departments that applied for accreditation prior to July 1, 2016.

Similar to the Initial Accreditation fee structure that went into effect on July 1, 2016, the reaccreditation fees will have a Reaccreditation Review Fee for the first year and then an ongoing Annual Accreditation Services Fee for each year thereafter. The fees will cover the continued subscription to the e-PHAB accreditation system, multiple training opportunities, a dedicated Accreditation Specialist, peer review by trained reaccreditation reviewers along with a virtual site visit, a thoughtful and deliberative review from the Accreditation Committee, and continued access to the growing number of accredited health department resources through PHAB’s Accredited Health Department Portal. For future reaccreditation cycles, the health department will not pay an additional Reaccreditation Review Fee, as its cost will be included in the Annual Accreditation Services Fee.  Click here to download PHAB’s Five-Tier Reaccreditation Fee Schedule.

Miscellaneous Fee Items

Fee for Appeals

The procedure for appeals is contained in the Guide to National Public Health Department Initial Accreditation and in the Guide to National Public Health Department Reaccreditation: Process and Requirements.

The purpose of the fee is to support PHAB’s anticipated expenses in responding to and managing an appeal. Appeals costs are not covered elsewhere in the PHAB fees. These fees are based on a review of other accrediting bodies’ approaches to the management of appeals.
Non-refundable initial Appeal Fee = $5,000; and an additional invoice for PHAB’s costs such as: Five-member Appeal Panel, travel for the appeals hearing, and any additional site visit (optional). All fees will be collected prior to cost being incurred. All fees are non-reimbursable since they cover actual costs.