School nursing is impacted by the infrastructure, policies, and practices of the local education agency (LEAs). These documents provide district level guidance to support school nursing practice.

Supporting Excellence in School Nursing

This infographic provides evidence-based direction to districts as to the types of support school nurses need in order to work to their full scope and potential.


Applying the Scope and Standards of School Nursing Practice

The Scope and Standards (S&S) of School Nursing Practice outline the expectations of school nurses at a very high level. Various documents such as yearly evaluations and even district processes/procedures can be developed, using the S&S to help school nurses work to their full scope.

Yearly Evaluations

Several states such as Wisconsin, North Carolina, and Utah have developed school nurse evaluations based on NASN’s S&S and Framework. Parkway School District (MO) has also developed one (The Center does not endorse any particular state, but shares several). A generic version developed by a group of state school nurse consultants, school nurse district leads, and researcher can be found here.

Nursing education focus on competencies of students. Competencies are observable demonstration of knowledge and skills. Competencies for common school nursing practices have also been created to align with the S&S. These include:


The documents are high level and meant to be modified to include state and district policies and standards.

Please include acknowledgement of the Center for School Health Innovation & Quality, as appropriate.